Thursday, November 12, 2020

day seventeen - relaxing in Chestertown

A calm, crystal clear night.  Chilly but very comfortable in the new sleeping bag.  

Anchor up 6:30, under power on the glassy creek.  Find a little wind out on the Chester River so I raise the sails.

The wind comes and go, motor sailing up the river past the glowing lights at Rolph's Wharf to the east.  At 7:30 the sun reaches up over the trees, feels good.  Sails down, motoring to the marina.  

Docked 7:40 in Chestertown.  3.88 NM.

I catch up on the news and email while enjoying a light breakfast with interesting company at Evergrain Bread Company.

I spend the morning walking the streets of the old colonial town, it is quiet with many of the stores closed.  I grab a sandwich and chips at Play It Again Sam and carry it the few blocks to the waterfront, filling in the log while sitting in the shade at the dock house.   

Early afternoon I do laundry and clean up the boat.  Everything seems to be in good shape.  And then more walking through the delightful little town.

 Dinner at 98 Cannon Riverfront Grille, a salad almost too big to eat along with a glass of chardonnay.

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