Saturday, November 16, 2019

day fourteen - the last crab cake

Anchor up 6:45, single reef in the main and a very slow, pleasant drift out of the wind shadow of the trees.

Making 2.7 past the sand spit, the sound of a tractor rumbling on a farm, a flock of seagulls takes flight.  Wing and wing down the creek.

Howell Point just at 7:20, the sun comes up.  Shake out the reef and sailing at 5 kts.

Six deadrises work a shoal tonging for oysters.  Blue skies and a crisp wind.  Perfect.

Doing 3.3 approaching Cambridge.  Round up to drop the sails.  Docked at 8:30.

I walk a couple hundred yards to Yacht Maintenance Company, the yard where I left the jeep and trailer.  Drive back to the ramp, break down SPARTINA'S rig, move the leftover food - not much leftover - and gear into the jeep.  It's late morning and I drive around the little harbor to Snapper's Waterfront Cafe for an excellent crab cake - the crabs are picked right next door so they don't get any fresher than this.  It's time to head home.

Running total 327.2 NM / 376.5 statute miles


Tom said...

Wow! That is a pure lump crab, no filler Maryland authentic crabcake, makes me hungry just looking at it. Great trip report, too. Thank you for sharing!

Steve said...

Thanks, Tom. That crab cake is a tradition every time I sail out of or through Cambridge. One of the best crab cakes on the Bay in my opinion. steve

johnz said...

Congrats on another incredible trip with so many miles covered. Love the crisp photos and close up gps tracks, it's almost like being there ... possibly better now that it is so cold out!

Steve said...

Thanks, John. With a nor'easter here I might be reading that log some today myself.

Shawn Stanley said...

Awesome trip. Is that the longest number of consecutive days for you on the boat?

Also, thanks for the crab cake pic. Will definitely hit up Snapper's the next time I am in Cambridge!

Steve said...

I think I have spent 16 days on the boat, but that included being at the dock in St. Michaels for a couple days. Yes, Snappers in the place to go. steve