Thursday, November 7, 2019

day ten - fish tacos and downriver

Just after dawn I see Curt on the docks.  He's got ANNIE ready to go.  A brief handshake and farewell, he motors out on to the Chester to raise sail.  As for me, I've got some free time.  I walk up to Play It Again Sam for a glass of iced tea, come back to the marina where I catch up on my notes and write some emails.

Late morning I meet Vicki, a longtime friend and former co-worker, for lunch at 98 Cannon.  She had moved to the Eastern Shore a few months earlier.  It is good to catch up.

Fish tacos for me, an cobb salad for her.  It's a pleasant lunch out on the waterfront and it goes by too quickly.

Cast off 1:00, wind and tide against us, making 4.7 in a gusty breeze.  Off Primrose Point 1:45, wind on the beam and slacking a bit, 3.3 and up to 5 kts in the gusts.  I make the mistake of sailing in too close to the shore and lose the wind in the shadow of the trees.  Drifting back out a we get two rings of a bell from a classic looking Blue Jacket 28 CAILIN FION, one that Curt and I had admired at the docks, as she heads downriver.

Long tacks from Southeast Creek to Broad Creek at 2:30 and I feel like I have the river to myself.  Approaching Northwest Point I hear a rumbling diesel and around the bend comes the buyboat Thomas J with a friendly wave from the captain.  Tacking down the Chester at 4.8, peaceful and relaxing sailing and I can't imagine any other place I would want to be.

Melton Point at 3:40, 4.2 working shore to shore and I begin thinking about my anchorage for the night.  

Afternoon gusts arriving at 4:25, 5.3 kts with cloud cover moving in and I appreciate the shade.

Checking the forecast I hear there is a front moving through in the middle of the night.  Wind swinging from today southwest to tomorrow strong and gusty northeast.  The sunlight catches the icy clouds to the west.  Tacking across Comegys Bight with the thought of making the Corsica River at 5:00, the wind suddenly drops.  I turn back across the calm water, anchor down 6:00 in the bight.

Excellent freeze dried mushroom risotto mixed with tuna and a cup of fruit for dinner.

Running total 249.7 NM


Rick Lapp said...

You bring back fond memories of our fall cruise. Rick & Viv on Cailin Fionn Bluejacket 28.

Rick Lapp said...

M/V Cailin Fionn.

Steve said...

Hey Rick, it is good for me to go back through my notes. You have no idea how much time Curt and I spent on the dock looking at and envying your boat. I wish we had met there on the waterfront, but glad to be digitally in touch. steve