Monday, July 10, 2023

day nineteen - friends on the water

Sail off anchor 6:20 in a light NE wind.  Calm night after the storm pass by last evening, cooler and drier.

Wind disappears at 7:00, under power.  7:10 light wind returns, sailing.  7:40 main and jib down, under power.  

8:20 passing Deep Point, motoring against the ebb tide.  Melton Point at 8:45, I see some friends.  The raked masts of the Sultana comes around the point, captain and crew wave as they head downriver.   

Some wind at Northwest Point, sailing.  Wind dies, motor won't start.  I shake my head and use a few choice words.  Wind fills in, sailing.  Late morning approaching Rolph's Wharf I see another friend,  Bobby in LAGNIAPPE coming around Frying Pan Point.  We text each other and decide on lunch at the Sandbar.  Bobby ties up to a pier, tosses me a line and we raft up.

It has probably been a decade, maybe more, since I had lunch at the Sandbar.  Bobby and I grab a couple seats along with the locals. 

 I settle on a burger and fries, Bobby has some shrimp and a Corona.  It's fun and all those folks on the beach are having a good time.  There was a river swim earlier in the day and ribbons are being handed out to the swimmers.

We cast off our Pathfinders at 1:00.  The wind has filled in to we head down river trading tacks and taking photographs.  Grey overcast and a breezy afternoon.

After sailing we turn into Southeast Creek, tacking up the creek to a cove shelter by cliffs and trees.  We raft up there and Bobby, just back from a visit to Scotland, breaks out some Oban Single Malt Distillers Edition.  How nice.

I cast off LAGNIAPPE, raises my anchor and drift out for the shore.  Then I reset the anchor for the night.

19.77 NM


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