Monday, November 22, 2021

day twelve - back north

Cast off 7:45 and under power after a visit to the Corner Bakery for a chocolate eclair and a cinnamon twist.  Bruce and Nancy wave goodbye as I pass their chartered sailboat.  Green marker 17 at 8:30, finally out of the wind shadow of the trees so round up and raise full sail in a nice NE breeze.

Ware Point at 9:10, cut inside the green marker past the crab pot markets to slip out on the sound, though I am not sure which sound.  It could be Tangier Sound, or maybe Pocomoke Sound.  Beach Island in sight at 9:20, making 4.2 on a starboard tack past the shoal that extends out from the island.  

Fall off the wind at 11:00 to cross the shoal south of Fox Island.  At 11:30 not another boat in sight, just a beautiful day with good wind and blue skies.  Perfect!  Making 4.4 with wind on the starboard beam, crab pot floats tell me we are crossing the shallows.  Pass below Fox Island at 11:50 and we are definitely on Tangier Sound now.  Pass the state line buoy at 12:10 making 5.0.  

In the lee of the marshes south of the Little Annemessex River at 12:20, calmer water and doing 5.3 as a ferry coming from Tangier Island passes by on the way to Crisfield.  Soon the mail boat COURTNEY THOMAS, which also carries passengers, passes by as it heads southbound from Crisfield to Tangier Island, then for the ferry STEVEN THOMAS passes on its way to Tangier full of passengers.  A lot of visitors headed for the island today.  

Wind falls off 1:00, then no wind at all.  Under power with main and jib furled, trolling in search of a striper off the mouth of the Little Annemessex.  A WNW wind arrives at 1:50, full sail and making 2.4.  Off the white sand beaches of Janes Island at 2:30.    

Make a slow but pleasant crossing of the mouth of the Big Annemessex River headed for the marshes just south of Pat Island.  A lot of shallow water in the area so use Navionics on my phone to wend my way into Mine Cove.  Anchor down 3:50.

Spaghetti for dinner, excellent.

26.15 NM


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