Wednesday, April 3, 2024

day seventeen - storm warning

Light ran at dawn.  Go back to sleep.  Wake to a calm, clear morning.  Hot chocolate and granola with blueberries for breakfast.  Forecast show wind and rain coming midday.  Not going anywhere today.

Wind arrives about noon.  Strong, gusty wind.  Read, nap, catch up with family on the phone.

Late afternoon thunderstorm warnings.  A little less wind.  Cloudy evening.

Storms arrive just after sunset.  Strong wind, heavy rain.  The anchor holds well.  Climb into the sleeping bag and go to sleep.



William Muirhead said...

Looks like a nice tent! I heard the rolling stones "Gimme shelter" in the background. :)

Steve said...

I worked with a canvas lady to have that custom made. Not cheap but worth every penny. Steve