"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Saturday, July 4, 2020

day nine - crab pops served here

The quietest and most peaceful of nights, probably the best sleep I had had on the trip.  Up at 5:30, sail off anchor just after 6:00.

SE wind and beautiful morning light, I am glad for GPA to help me remember how to get out of the marsh.  Making 2.3 across the calm water I can hear the cluck and cackle of the marsh hens hidden in the cord grass.

3.0 past Rogue Island and  I wonder if I should raise the centerboard just as the 100 lb steel plate touches the soft bottom.  No problem, take a turn on the winch and raise the board.

At 7:20 on Pocomoke Sound sailing outside the long shoal that reaches out from Beach Island, jibing at red marker "6".  It's choppy at the marker with a huge amount of water flowing out around the shallow shoal.  Sailing wing and wing, 2.4.

At green marker "7" at 8:20.  Lighter wind, then no wind.  Under power.  It's time to make a decision, either head NNE towards Saxis or NNW towards Broad Creek and the ramp.  I listen to the weather report, little to no wind the rest of today and then again tomorrow.  NNW towards Broad Creek which connects to the Little Annemessex.

I can make out the red marker at the creek entrance at 9:35.  In the creek at 10:15,  still no wind and we enter under power against the outgoing tide.  It is a pretty, winding creek that I have sailed through four or five times over the years.  Beautiful marshes, an old fishing camp, turns and bends that always leave me wondering if I am still on the creek or not.  

Back on the Annemessex at 10:45 and soon passing through the narrow cut between the crab house and the condos.  Docked at 11:15, 15.29 NM for the day, mostly under power.

Coming into Somers Cove I could see my favorite crab restaurant was closed.  What to do about lunch?  Fast food in Pocomoke on the way home is an option, but not a good one.

SPARTINA, on the trailer with her rig broke down, I get on the road.  Just outside of Crisfield I see a Gulf gas station with a sign that says "Crab Pops Served Here!"  Curious as to what a crab pop might be I go inside and ask.  It is bits of soft-shelled crabs deep fried and served over a bed of French fries.  Restaurants only like to serve whole soft-shells, so what do they do with those missing a claw or two?  Cut them up in to pieces, fry them and give them an interesting name.  Crap pops in Crisfield, on Tangier you can get the same thing only it is called "crab jewels."  So I order up a batch and they are a delight.  Then back on the road home.

244 NM, 281 statute miles for the trip.
Excellent trip!


Shawn Stanley said...

Steve, welcome back (I know you've been back for a while, just catching up on reading your log from this trip.)
I noticed in one of the pictures from this last day you've made a few adjustments to how you rig your new sails, like the lashing on the main clew..We do this on Lasers to help better control the sail shape (and it affects mast bend in the case of those bendy rigs) - I assume you are also noticing a little more control of the clew and probably overall better shape with the lashing accompanying the outhaul.
Anyway, when checking out your pictures of the marshes and cool places I can't get my sailboat, my eye wanders to other little details too.

Steve said...

Thanks, Shawn. Yes, I did make some adjustments, all on the advice of my sailmaker Stuart at Dabbler Sails. The adjustments have let to better performance. I'll keep tinkering away. steve