Monday, April 3, 2023

day fourteen - rest, recharge

If I'm going to rest and recharge Jekyll Harbor Marina is the place to do it.  A good location in the lower Georgia Sea Islands, excellent facilities and a very nice reasonably priced restaurant just steps away from the dock.  As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  Two nights at $150, this is a high-end place that charges for a minimum 30 foot boat, ouch!  (A lot of marinas are doing that these days).   But worth it.

Top off the gas can.  Recharge the power blocks.  Shower and shave.  A cruiser from New York kindly loans me a hose with a filter built in for topping off the water bottles.  Do the laundry.  Catch up on the log book.  Enjoy an excellent salad while sitting on the porch.  Catch up with friends online.  Borrow the golf cart to run up to the convenience store to pick up some drinks.  

Busy much of the day but enough time to take a walk up the road and see the local alligator in a ditch.  Dinner back at the very crowded Zachry's Riverhouse where I have to wait to pounce on a spot opening up at the bar.  Caesar salad and crab crakes, a guy sitting next to me telling me about his food business.  Ready to get back on the water.


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