Saturday, November 3, 2018

day five - lily pads and lightning

Some light steady rain overnight, calm and peaceful in the creek.  Fog at dawn and a single lily pad drifting towards SPARTINA.  No wind, anchor up and under power just after 7:00.  

Cormorants perch on a fallen tree as I follow my gps track out the narrow entrance onto the Sassafras River.  A power boat hovers in the grey out on the river.  Grove Point at 7:40, Turkey Point in the distance to the north.  

Muted patch of blue in the sky, no wind but the incoming tide is in our favor.  Light breeze and motor sailing at 8:00.  Entering the Elk River at Turkey Point at 8:30, the sun breaks through at 9:00.  I'm just off Cabin John Creek so I motor in, drop the anchor and wait for wind.  Time to clean up the boat, relax and enjoy the warm sunshine.

Sails up at 10:25, light breeze and the sun is beginning to feel hot.  Battery Point at 11:30 with a solid south wind, 5 kts. on to the Bohemia River.

We follow the follow the river east past Long Point, farms sloping down to the water on either side of the river.  

Wind carries us under the bridge to where the river splits into Great Bohemia Creek and Little Bohemia Creek, though they both look the same to me.  I sail up the Little Bohemia Creek.  Not too far up the creek the hills and trees block the wind.

Counting days and looking at the calendar I see it is time to turn back south.  

We come about in light winds and make it back down the Bohemia, anchoring late afternoon in Veazey Cove.

It is a hot and humid night.  Forecast says a cool from will be coming in.  Before slipping into the bivy I sit at SPARTINA'S stern and watch lightning glowing in the clouds.

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