Tuesday, August 29, 2023

day seventeen - a weather day

Wake at 5:30.  Rain.  Go back to sleep.  Up at 7:00.  Sweater, drysuit, hot chocolate to go along with breakfast.

Damp, cool and rainy.  Cell signal comes and goes.  I read, nap, catch up on the logbook.

Rain comes and goes.  In a well protected spot so don't feel any wind.

Heavy rains late morning.  Seven boats, mostly sailboat but also one trawler, anchored on the bay.

Checking my supplies I seem to have gone through most of the prepared breakfasts and lunches.  Break out the next batch and pack them for individual days.  Meat bars, Rx Bars and cans of tuna in each bag.

Rain seems to end early afternoon.  A catamaran raises anchor and leaves.  The cell signal suddenly gets better.  Skies grow lighter, temperature warms.  Late afternoon darker, colder.

Evening, rain, thunder, and some gusty wind.


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Tom said...

Steve, I've always wondered what your "weather days" are like on Spartina. Loved the video, for one day at least, rain days aboard look quite relaxing. Dunno about multi-day storms aboard though, that's more patience than I have!