Monday, August 28, 2023

day sixteen - south to Vinalhaven Island

I wake to a bright full moon and the sun rising over Islesboro.  Sail of anchor 5:45.  Reach the north end of Minot Island at 6:30.  Motoring south in the narrow windy channel between Islesboro and Minot Islands.  

Approaching Pendleton Point at the south end of Islesboro I spot the dock of a friend.  Her family has a home there.  Bad timing on my part, they won't be up there for a couple of weeks.  Maybe next year.

6:45 Pendleton Point, sailing.  Light breeze, blue skies to the south and a thin overcast to the north.  Had hoped to head to the west side of Vinalhaven Island but the light breeze is coming directly from there.  Fall off to the east and head for Oak Hill at the northernmost point of North Haven Island.

Making 2.2 at 8:00, 2.6 at 8:45 with Compass Island to port.  9:15 making 4.2 approaching Oak Hill.  

9:30 Burnt Island to starboard, Oak Island to port.  Full flood tide running, water rushing around the islands makes for a bouncy ride.  

A handful of tacks to work our way through Burnt Island the west and Dagger and Downfall Islands to the east.  

Past Dagger Island at 10:00, still confused water with multiple tide lioness water bunches up around the islands and ledges.  Finally calmer water south of Downfall Island.

See a small sail to the west and turn in that direction.  Meet Ed with his Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry STERNA.  A beautiful boat and he sails it very well.  We round up and exchange greetings,  it is always nice to meet a like-minded sailor.   After a few minutes we each go on our way.  I head south to Vinalhaven.  

11:00 turn southwest near (a different) Burnt Island, then south betwwitheen Stimpsons Island to starboard and Calderwood Island to Port.  Rough sailing against wind and tide in the rocky channel.  A few tacks, some up closer to the rocks than I would have liked, to make it through.  

Noon making 3.7 on Fox Island Thorofare on rough water.  Tack in close Calderwood Neck, 12:40 under power entering Winter Harbor.  Anchor down 12:55.  Put up the boom tent and enjoy a hot lunch.

As tide runs out in the afternoon I am not sure that I have picked the best anchorage.  Lots of rocks emerging late afternoon as the tide goes out.   Bad weather on the way and decide to find a better spot.

Anchor up and motor around to Inner Seal Bay on the south side of Penobscot Island.  Anchor down 5:00 with seven large sailboats already in the anchorage.

19.74 NM


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