Monday, July 10, 2023

day eighteen - Corsica River and Lankford Creek

Glassy calm at dawn, not a breath of wind.  Outboard starts on the first pull.  Go figure.

I motor over to LAGNIAPPE, check in with Bobby to ask about his plans.  He and Peter are headed up river towards Rolph's Wharf.  I tell him I'm headed to the Corsica River.  

I motor at just above idle speed, leaving Reed Creek.  Out on the Chester River we pass Corsica Neck and then Holton Point with the old now-empty Russian Embassy compound perched above the river.  

7:45 pass a favorite anchorage at Emory Creek.  Docked Centreville Wharf at 8:30.  A sign says I can pay for the use of the wharf over the phone but I can't figure out how to do it.

I walk up the hill to downtown Centreville and enjoy an iced tea from the Commerce Street Creamery Cafe while sitting in the shade and catching up on the news.

Back to SPARTINA to clean up the boat and get rid of some trash.  Walk up to Doc's Riverside Grill for excellent crab cakes ($30 for two, much more reasonable than the $45 they wanted in St. Michaels).  Cast off 12:30 and motor down the Corsica.  1:10 raise sail off Emory Creek.  Light breezes carry us to the Chester River at 2:40.  Slow, enjoyable sailing across the Chester to Lankford Creek.

At 4:15 turn west onto Davis Creek.  I find it a pretty and well-protected anchorage.  John Swain's beautiful  E.E.Cummings anchored out off the yacht club with a "For Sale" sign on it.  4:50 anchor down.  It is a classic boat.

Evening.  Just as I hear thunder I get a text from Bobby that Chestertown is engulfed in a thunderstorm.

I track the storm as it moves south.  It slides by just to the east and we get nothing more than a few drops of rain.

 17.17 NM

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