Saturday, April 1, 2023

day twelve - three sounds

Sail off anchor at 7:10 wearing the dry suit and with two reefs tucked in the main.  A cold front, really a "cool" front came through in the early morning hours with cool and gusty winds.  Calmer by morning but still a few gusts tucked in the wind.  Making 2.8 and slip on to the Front River.   Jibe 7:40 off Shellbluff Creek.

Lighter winds at 7:50, shake out the reefs.  Full sail and watch the gps go from 3.0 to 3.4 to 4.0.  8:10 the wind is cold and layer on a sweater under the dry suit.

8:25 turn south to Doboy Sound, on the Sound at 8:40.  9:00 making 3.0 with Sapelo Lighthouse to the southeast.  Skies clearing, getting warmer and slip off the dry suit behind Commodore Island.  9:40 red "182" shows the tide is with us.  

Seeing some markers to the west I turn that way soon realizing I have left the ICW.  Turn back to the main channel.  10:00 back on the ICW.  No wind and motoring with a helping current.

10:55 motor sailing on Altamaha Sound.  Wind comes and goes, sailing, motor sailing, under power, sailing again.  Water glassy calm on Buttermilk Sound, slip in to Fridaycap Creek 12:30 to anchor and relax.  Set the boom tent up to get out of the sun, take a brief nap.

Wind returns 1:30, quickly break down tent and raise full sail.   Making a lazy 2.2 in a west wind as we leave Buttermilk Sound and move on to the Mackay River.  Anchor down 3:15 in a protected anchorage called Wally's Leg.  A large ketch out of Philadelphia anchored nearby.

22.74 NM

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