Wednesday, November 18, 2020

day twenty-two - St. Michaels, the forecast

Peaceful night.  Clearly, sunny morning.  A walk into town for a light breakfast on North Talbot Street.

The forecast catches my eye.  In a few days the remnants of Hurricane Sally will be on directly on top of Chesapeake Bay.  Three days of heavy rain predicted.  Maybe a sign that the cruise is coming to an end.

I spend the day walking through town near the old fisherman cottages and the working harbor where parking is reserved for watermen only.  And I explore the museum, spending a lot of time in the Steamboat Building looking at the  wonderful Chesapeake Bay photographs by David W. Harp.  He has spent a lifetime documenting life on Chesapeake Bay, sometimes for pay and sometimes just because he has a passion for it.

Afternoon the wind swings from north to southwest.  SPARTINA, docked near the lighthouse, is now exposed to a stiff breeze and it could be an uncomfortable night.  After checking with the dockmaster on duty I motor around to main marina and tie up where the water is like glass.

Back to Foxy's for steamed mussels and a glass (or two) of Chardonnay.  Not quite 7:30 and I'm the last customer on the outdoors deck.

Back to SPARTINA with a forecast of a strong southerly wind tomorrow followed by wind out of the north the following day.  Perfect winds to carry me back to Cambridge.


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Tom said...

Glad you got to enjoy St Mikes, and take an "enjoy the town" day. Always a favorite of any Chesapeake sailor, I miss it!