Sunday, December 12, 2021

day twenty-one - another day on Queenstown Creek

Wake at 7:00 to a surprisingly cold and gusty day.  Forecast for strong northwest winds all day.  Another weather day.  

Just before 8:00 the sun comes over the tree tops and shines directly into the back of the boom tent.  The bright sunlight feels good.  Scrambled eggs and hot chocolate for breakfast.

Reading and relaxing in the morning hours.  A texts from Genevieve tells me I am welcome to tie up at their dock and take a walk on the farm.  I thank her but tell her I am just fine where I am.  At 10:00 it starts to get warm and I begin slipping off layers of clothes.  It is a Sunday so plenty of football to listen to in the afternoon.  Some more reading and a nap.  

 Jambalaya for dinner.

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