Saturday, December 16, 2023

day twenty-nine - coming into Chestertown

Crystal clear morning.  Cold.  Strong northwest wind.  Sail off anchor at 8:00, passing by John Swain's beautiful schooner sharpie E.E. MOORE anchored out on the river.  

Double-reefed main and drysuit.  Quickly round up to shake out the second reef.  8:10 out of Davis Creek.

Making 4.6 on Langford Creek, round up and bring down the main.   Mizzen and jib, making 4.4 on the Chester River's choppy water.  9:20 pass Deep Point.  The river narrows and is much calmer.  Still plenty of wind and it is on the beam.  10:50 rounding Melton Point, then a handful of tacks at 4.3 to Northwest Point.  

Less wind, sunny and warm, raise full sail at 11:45.  Slip out of the drysuit.

12:40 passing Rolph's Wharf.  12:55 begin several tacks on Devil's Reach, doing 3.9 close-hauled.  

Round Primrose Point and just a few more tacks to reach Chestertown.  

Sultana is the only tall ship on the waterfront, most of the docks are empty.  Round up and the sail comes down.  Docked 2:40.

At the slip I see that my patched jib is tearing again.  Friend Stephanie, who handled the sail repair, told me it would get me through two cruises.  And it did exactly that - Maine and Chesapeake Bay -  can't ask for more.  Put on some sail tape on the jib to get me through the Downrigging Festival.  

Clean up SPARTINA, tuck some gear away and put up the boom tent.  An early dinner at The Pub at The Imperial, the only place open on a Monday evening in Chestertown, and a cold beer to toast a fine cruise on Chesapeake Bay.

18.18 NM



William Muirhead said...

That's a lot of time on the water in an open boat. Thanks for posting. Congrats and Merry Christmas!

Steve said...

Thanks, William. It always goes by too quickly. Steve