Tuesday, December 7, 2021

day eighteen - life on the half-shell

Morning comes with a walk over the bridge and a few blocks down the road to Tilghman Island Country Store.  I grab an egg sausage biscuit and an iced tea that I carry back to the waterfront patio at Marker Five.  The restaurant, my favorite spot for lunches and dinners, is closed for the day so they won't mind me enjoying my breakfast there.  Back to the hotel room to repack the freshly washed clothes, do the final charging on the battery packs.

Late morning I'm sitting on the porch reading some news when I hear someone my name called.  It's Vicki, a longtime friend and colleague, she is now runs a small organic farm on the Eastern Shore.  Vicki and I have a few things in common:  a passion for photography, a fascination with the eastern shore and a love for oysters.  And today is our own private oyster fest.  

We walk across the bridge to Characters, grabbing a waterfront table and ordering oysters.  Oysters on the half-shell, oyster rockefeller and fried oysters.  As we order I ask the waitress where they source their oysters.  She just nods in the direction of the Choptank River.  Oysters don't get any fresher or more local than that.  Two hours of good conversation and good food.  How nice.  I thank Vicki for making the drive to see me.  She says keep in touch, maybe we can meet up again somewhere along the trip.

One more round of cleaning, loading and organizing SPARTINA in the afternoon.  She is all set to go save for a dry bag of clothes and a box of charged batteries in the hotel room.

Evening finds me back at Characters for some seared scallops and a glass of wine.

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