Saturday, June 17, 2023

day four - Onancock

Awake at dawn I bring down the boom tent and motor around the corner to the Onancock Wharf.   Too early for the dock master to be there I tie up in a slip and head off to the Corner Bakery.  I'm there 10 minutes before they open but there is already of line of six or seven people.  With a cinnamon swirl I head back to SPARTINA.

Onancock Wharf is a great place to tie up.  Nice floating docks, clean and modern showers and heads, and free laundry.  Can't beat free laundry.  About 9:00 the dock master arrives and I pay for the slip.  Hss name is Charlie and he is much friendlier than the dock master that was there last time I passed through.  

I text my friends John and Maria to see if they are in town.  Before I can check for a reply, they are emailing me after having seen SPARTINA at the docks on their morning walk.  We quickly agree to share a bottle of wine in the afternoon.

Lunch, a salmon BLT, is on the waterfront at Mallards, then some errands to pick up snack and catch up on the log at the local pub.

Late afternoon I walk to John and Maria's home on the north branch of Onancock Creek just around the corner from the wharf.  It's a fun afternoon sitting by the water and catching up, I had not seen them for a few years.  Time goes by too quickly.

Back to Mallards for a quick dinner and the back to SPARTINA with the boom tent already up and sleeping get set out.  Back to sailing tomorrow.

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