Monday, November 5, 2018

day six - south

Breezy, cool morning.  Thunderstorms last evening out of the southwest, then strong north winds in the early morning hours accompanied by rain.  With the stiff wind things might get wet so I put on my foul weather pants. 

Sail off anchor just after 7:00, not too long before we round up to tuck in a reef.  Elk River at 7:40 with wind over the stbd quarter, 4 kts.  Shake out the reef at 8:30 across the river from Rogues Harbor.

Grove Pt on the north side of Sassafras River entrance at 10:00, low overcast and cool, rolling downwind in the swell.  A northbound Coast Guard cutter slows down to reduce their wake, I wave and they resume speed.

Off Still Pond 11:45, a submerged branch clunks against SPARTINA'S hull.

Off Worton Creek at 12:30, 4 kts with a helping tide.

Early afternoon I spot the narrow entrance to Fairlee Creek, just a tiny break in a sand spit with the tide rushing out.  Wind on the stern we sailing through the swirling waters.

I need to top off the gas tank but the marina seems shut down for the season.  I find someone with a radio and they call the dockmaster who shows up in a golf cart.  He walks me down to the fuel pump, unlocks the small building and I top off the tank.  Two bucks worth a fuel and all I've got in a five dollar bill.  The register is empty so I say keep the change.  

Anchored behind the sand spit.  Grey skies, cool and windy.  Rain forecast for late afternoon and evening.

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Lorenzo said...

Catching up with the cruise log.... I see you're buying fuel at European prices.., :)