Thursday, April 20, 2023

day nineteen - don't forget to check the wx apps

Raise sails with a single reef in the main at 8:00 near red marker "80" which clearly shows a flood tide in our favor.  Making 4.7 but doesn't feel like it as the current is doing a lot of work.

The sail through downtown Jacksonville always feels strange to me.  There's the football stadium to the right.  Then there's a Ruth's Chris Steak House to the left, and if that is not a favorite steak house then there is a Morton's to the right.  Just beyond the Morton's is some sort of outdoor mall.  And the four bridges, one of them this morning being part of the course for a 10K or maybe marathon run.

Soon making 5.8 with the tide.  Leaving downtown at 8:30, turn south on the St. Johns River.

Very choppy as the river widens but less wind, round up to shake out the reef.

Making 4.6 and the water calms the farther we get from Jacksonville.

9:50 look back north and see dark clouds over Jacksonville.  This surprises me as I had check my weather apps the night before it is only showed a little early morning rain.  

Dark clouds begin moving in from the west, a little rain so slip on foul weather gear and tuck a reef in the main.  

10:25 hit with a cold blast of air, round up, tide in a second reef then decide to sail under mizzen and jib.  Heavy rain and making 4.7 in the cold gusts.  Finally check my weather app to see that the forecast changed and a wide swath of rain is sliding across Florida.  

11:05 less rain, round up to pump out SPARTINA.  Back to sailing making 3.5.  Raise double reefed main, less wind and making 2.0 to the south.  12:50 no wind, motoring at idle speed.  2:20 north wind fills in, sailing to the east as river bends in that direction.  3:25 rain seems to have moved on, anchor down in Hallowes Cove.  Wind swings to the south and a little choppy in the cove but not too bad.  Sponge out the boat and set up boom tent.

24.44 NM
self heating beef stew for dinner


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