Wednesday, November 29, 2023

day fifteen - a new creek

Run into Kristen at the museum, take a moment to thank her for her hospitality.  See a few sailing friends packing up, say goodbye to them.  It was a great festival.  Cast off 8:45.  Cold morning with a steady west wind.  Just leaving Fogg Cove for the Miles River see Steve W on his Core Sound 20 Mk 3 coming in from Leeds Creek.  We exchange greetings and I notice he has reefed tucked into his sails.

9:30 at Deepwater Point.  Away from the protection of the shore I can feel the wind.  Round up to tuck in a reef.  9:50 choppy water and more wind, round up to tuck in a second reef.

Making 4.9 with wind on the beam, the west wind perfect for sailing north.

10:45 Parsons Island to the west.  11:15 actor outside the channel at the top of Prospect Bay, too late to make the 11:30 opening at the Kent Narrow Bridge.  Clean up the boat, tuck away the dock lines.  Cool with a light overcast.

11:45 in position and put in a request for a noon lift.  A large power boat comes up behind me, I signal for them to go through first.  There are a couple of boats on the north side of the bridge.  The tide is running south to north so we have got the right of way.  Pass through just after noon.

Less wind now, raise a single reefed main at 12:15 on the Chester River.  12:30 shake out the second reef, full sail.

1:30 overcast clears, the bright sunshine warms the day.  Making 5.3 with wind on the beam.  Too far to make Worton Creek, decide to try Swan Creek just west of Rock Hall.  I've sailed by it dozens of time, just never went in there.

2:25 make the entrance to Swan Creek.  A couple marinas to starboard, plenty of room to anchor near a couple of catamarans on the north branch of the creek.

Anchor down 3:00.

 24.55 NM

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