Friday, December 8, 2023

day twenty-three - Rock Hall

Sail off anchor 7:30, clear with steady north wind.  Warmer than the last couple of mornings, wearing foul weather bibs and boots.

Wing and wing down the creek.  Making 4.0.  8:00 jibe to port at marking 6, 2.9.  A deadrise offshore is collecting pots.  

Round up 8:15 outside the Rock Hall channel entrance.   Underpower and pass through the rock jetties.

Tie up at the boat ramp to get rid of some trash, then motor over to Rock Hall Landing Marina.  Tie up at the end of one of the piers and walk up to the marina office.  They have a deal with the Mariners Motel so get a slip and a room.  

A day of relaxing and a few chores.  Laundry, charge batteries, a trip to the grocery store.  And a fine dinner with friends MaryLou and Fred.  Back on the water tomorrow.

 3.11 NM

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