Saturday, June 17, 2023

day five - sailing blind

Heavy rain in the early morning hours.  I stay dry and comfortable in the bivy and sleeping bag.  Wake at dawn, no wind, fog, light.  Dampness everywhere.  Cast off 6:40 and under power at idle speed.  

Feel a light breeze out of the north at 7:05.  Near Parkers Island at 7:40, watermen putting out pots for the season.  

Raise full sail at the entrance channel at 7:50, making just 1.5.  At 8:10 see the small ferry boat coming in from Tangier Island.  Motorsailing at 9:25.

I struggle to keep course while surrounded by grey.  At 9:50 dark clouds and heavier fog ahead.  Light mist comes with some wind, sailing at 2.3.  11:00, cool, grey.  GPS shows Watts Island to the northeast but can't see it.

11:35 the dark shapes of trees on Port Isobel, Tangier Island's small neighboring island, show on the horizon.  Fog is lifting, Tangier Island appears quickly.  Light wind and motor sailing again with a tack to the northeast.  12:00 more wind and sailing.  In sight of Cod Harbor 12:45. 

It is early enough in the day that I consider heading in to Mr. Parks marina, maybe take a walk through the village.  I try to find my way through the shallows between Tangier and Port Isobel but the water shallower than I remembered.  Maybe low tide.  

Turn back to Cod Harbor, anchor down 1:20.  

In a matter of minutes the skies clear.  Rich blue skies are welcome after the fog and mist.  I put up the boom tent and solar panel to keep my phone charged, spend the afternoon reading, napping and relaxing in the shade.

16.97 NM


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