Wednesday, April 12, 2023

day seventeen - a bit of a mess

Wake early, break down the boom tent and rig SPARTINA.  The light west wind and ebb tide carry us out of Sisters Creek, under the bridge and on to the St. Johns River.

Out on the St. Johns River at 7:40.  Light wind and opposing tide.  Struggle to make any headway.  A container ship comes around the bend, we fall off to make room, lose ground in the outgoing tide.  And so it goes for the next hour and a half.  Make some ground, another ship, fall off, lose ground.  A handful of ships and little room in the channel.  Finally get a break, no ships and slowly sailing west.  The dredge that has been working down river decides to bring a load of spoil up river.  Plenty of space between us and I fall off to the south.  Five toots on the dredge's horn tells me that was the wrong choice.  I jibe back to the north, fall off and clear the way.  The wind carries us to a little beach area next to the entrance to Sister's Creek.  I drop anchor, decide to wait things out.

11:00 better wind, anchor up.  Get a nice tack going under full sail, making 2.7 against the tide.  12:15 two ships, one headed down river the other headed up river, I fall off onto Back Creek to let them pass. 12:35 back on the St. Johns.  12:55 off a ship terminal see we are losing ground to the tide.  Jib and main down, under power.

2:45 it is hot and I'm tired, looking for an anchorage.  Slip under a small bridge and power lines into Dunn Creek.  Drop anchor and look around.  Don't like the scenery, don't like the low bridge and power lanes.  Bottom seems muddy and I worry about high winds forecast for tomorrow.  

Anchor up at 3:00 and leave the creek.  The St. Johns turns southwest and then south, good angle on the wind.  3:20 green marker "59" shows the ebb tide still running.  Better wind late afternoon.

The tall buildings of Jacksonville in sight to the south.  Best wind of the day and making 4.8.

Pass under a couple of bridges and fall off to port, tuck in behind Exchange Island.  Anchor down 5:15.

15.44 NM

Mashed potatoes and beef gravy


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