Thursday, November 18, 2021

day eight - dissipated

Sail off anchor 7:15 with a double reefed main.  A little rough in the middle of the night, I've anchored here twice just to the east of Cook Point Cove and found it to be rough both times but don't understand why.  A couple rain showers in the middle of the night, I had the rain fly on the forward end of the tent so almost no water in the boat.  

Making 4.1 at leaving the anchorage, eight clammers working nearthe point and a friendly wave as I pass close to the last deadrise in the fleet.  Cook Point at 7:35 and doing 4.8.

Round up to shake out the second reef at 7:50, crossing Trip Bay in a light sprinkle at 3.9.  9:25 lighter wind and shake out the first reef, full sail.  Only one other boat in sight and that one very distant, I feel like I have Chesapeake Bay to myself.  

Hills Point at 9:45, in the Little Choptank just after 10:00 with a faltering wind, 3.2 to 4.7.  

Marker 5 on the Little Choptank at 10:45, 2.9 under a light overcast.  Enter Fishing Creek at 12:15, a waterman working his trot line at the mouth.  

Sail up the creek to find it is lined by homes on either side and not very attractive.  I do take delight in catching the puffs of wind, trying to make the most of each little gust.  Early afternoon catch a brief flurry of wind and gps shows 5.2 on the narrow creek.  Back on the Little Choptank at 1:40 tacking in to a light breeze.  Enter Madison Bay at 2:15, anchor down off a marsh on the western shore 2:40.  Hot and windless so I put up the boom tent to escape the sun.  An afternoon nap and then some reading.

Evening, a rumble of distant thunder.  I look out the back of the boom tent to see a thunderstorm erupting to the west out over Chesapeake Bay.  Checking my weather app I see it is a decent sized storm but should track to the north of the anchorage.  I watch the shifting clouds as the storm moves towards us, then see it dissipate as the sun begins to go down.

 Lasagna for dinner.

24.14 NM

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Clark said...

Great photos Steve! Thanks for sharing.