Thursday, November 16, 2023

day six - a weather day

Some overnight rain and then early morning gusty wind.  I decide I'm not going anywhere today.  I put my drysuit up on top of the boom tent to dry.

A hot breakfast - oatmeal - and hot chocolate.  I read, relax and catch up on the log.  Scott, Keira and Roo motor by in their dinghy to check on me.  I tell them I'm fine.  I ask if they will be taking Roo for a walk on shore in the afternoon, and if so I could tag along.  They tell me yes, say the'll pick me up in the afternoon.  I also hear from long-time blog friend Shawn, who lives in Solomons Island.  He says he might be by in the afternoon in a powerboat.

Skies clear but the wind blows all day long.  Scott, Keira and Roo come by, we head into the town dock and take a long walk.  Unfortunately Shawn comes by while we are on our walk, I miss out on the chance to meet him in person.  Maybe next time.

Weather looks good for tomorrow.


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Shawn Stanley said...

looking good Steve! Always enjoy the detailed logs after your cruises! I'll catch ya next time.