"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Thursday, November 30, 2023

day sixteen - easy sailing

Sail off anchor 7:25, a deliberate drift across glassy calm water.  Wearing the drysuit against the chill.

A slight breeze fill, 1.4.  Flocks of geese fly overhead, an eagle flys along the trees on shore.  The sun crests the treelike, sails bathed in morning light.  A pleasant series of tacks out of Swan Creek.  Out of the creek 8:10, 2.9 sailing our way west to Swan Point.  8:40 off Swan Point, 1.3 on the choppy Chesapeake Bay.

9:00 making half a knot.  Motorsail at idle speed.  Sun breaks through the overcast, feels good.  Wind at 9:45, sailing at 1.8.  Overcast again.  

10:45 just off Tolchester Beach where the shipping channel curves east and comes up very close to the beach.  A little more wind and making 2.6.  11:30 sunny and warm, take off the drysuit, put out the little solar panel to charge the bluetooth speaker.  

12:30 making a pleasant 1.8 just east of the shipping channel.  1:00 turn towards Worton Creek.  Soon decided to head to Fairlee Creek just to the south of Worton.  2:30 rounding Shell Point.

2:55 gentle sail in the afternoon breeze through the narrow entrance of Fairlee Creek.

Sail south on the creek and it feels like a great afternoon daysail as I tack along the marinas.   Turn back north, anchor down near the moorings at 4:00.

16.24 NM


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