Wednesday, November 13, 2019

day twelve - back to the Choptank

Cast of from Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum at 8:00 with help from a crew member of the tall ship AJ MEERWALD.  Strong north wind still blowing.  Overcast with some blue sky to the west.  Motor out past the channel marker, raise reefed main, mizzen and jib.  Steak (venison bar) and eggs (maple sea salt Rx bar) for breakfast.  

Tacking back and forth across the narrow stretch of the Miles River.   Deepwater Point at 8:30, choppy and making 4.5.  Long tack towards Tilghman Point at 9:30, 5.0, the dark-hulled schooner ROSEWAY out of Boston coming round the point.  The sky becoming a little bit lighter.  

I am surprised we are making such good time.  So much sailing into the wind and waves on this trip I must be getting used to it.  Round Tilghman Point 10:20 and it is a whole different world.  Downwind sailing on calm water, the sun breaks through and it feels good.  Round up to strip off the foul weather gear.

Wind over the port quarter making 5 kts off Bay Hundred.  Off Claibourne at 11:00, speed between 3.7 and 4.6 depending on the waves comes down the bay.  Tuna, crackers and peaches for lunch.  Noon 6 kts at Lowe's Point.

Sails down 12:50, through Knapp Narrows with a deadrise and a large catamaran.  Full sail at 1:10, doing 5.4 on the Choptank River to Broad Creek.

Cool and grey at the mouth of the Broad Creek, a couple tacks towards the appropriately named Steve's Cove.  Two great blue herons stalk the south shore of the cove, to the north a flock of white egrets flies against the dark green backdrop of ever green trees.  Anchor down 3:00.  Venison and rice noodle stir fry for dinner, a gift from New Zealand and one of the finest freeze dried meals I have had.  Chilly in the evening, I put up the boom tent so I can hide from the north wind.  Evening the skies begin to clear.

Running total 302.4 NM

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