Monday, August 14, 2023

day four - up and down Somes Sound

Wake to a dense fog advisory.  From my anchorage in the harbor Somes Sound seems clear.  7:30 no wind and I decide to wait.  Wind comes at 8:00, sail off anchor.  Slow sailing and gentle tacks out and around the mooring field filled with boats.  

More wind past the boats, 3.0, and we begin a series of tacks out of the narrow entrance to the harbor.  Just clear of the buoy that makes a shallow area I see a small seal basking in the sun..

Cool and grey at 10:00, fog clings to the tops of the mountains on either side of the Sound.  I slip a sweater and the drysuit.  With good wind I slip in to Valley Cove, making 3.8 past the group of boats anchored there.  Back out into the Sound I find we are working against an incoming tide.  Wind falls off.

At 11:30 I surrender to the tide, under power.  Wind comes just past Fernald Point where the Sound opens up wide.  Looking to the south and southeast I see the Cranberry Islands are hidden in a wall of fog. 

Sailing in to Southwest Harbor we round up and drop the sails.  Tie up at the municipal pier in Manset to get rid of some trash and take a little walk.  

I get a text from John, he says he and Bruce are back at the boatyard working on LOON.  I cast off 1:45 and the afternoon southwesterly carries us back up the Sound.

John, right, comes down to the docks to help me tie up at the yard.  Though I had never met Bruce, left, in person, Bruce had taken time for a long phone call from me to share some advice about sailing in Maine.  It is good to see them both.  I get a tour of LOON and we visit for a while about my sailing trip.  

Cast off at 4:00, an easy sail down to Valley Cove. 5:00 anchor down inside of the bigger boats already anchored there.  Freeze dried dinner and then I look outside the boom tent to see the fog moving in.

20.10 NM


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