Thursday, April 4, 2024

day eighteen - the last leg

Calm night, no more rain after I climbed into the sleeping bag.  Sail off anchor 7:05, cold morning (again).  I note the weather app shows good wind through the morning, the strong gusts in the afternoon.

Making 3.1 down Doctors Inlet, wind over the port quarter.  8:40 pass under the bridge and out onto the St. Johns River.

Wind now on the starboard quarter, 3.2. More wind at 9:15, 5.5.  10:00 rounding Popo Point, turning to the southeast.  Red marker 18 shows a helping flood tide.  10:55 jibe.

Lighter wind, making 2.0 with the tide.  Wind fills in and making 3.7.  12:30 more wind, 4.2.  Gusts beginning to arrive.  

12:45 round up and tuck in a double reef, 4.1.  1:15 a series of strong gusts, 5.2.  Round up and bring down the main.  Sailing mizzen and jib.  1:30 making a steady 5.3, 6.4 in the gusts.  

A small tug-style cruiser comes up alongside. I see the captain looking at SPARTINA, just the two small sails up and he can't seem to understand how we are making almost six knots.  He shakes his head, throttles up and passes on by.

5:35 make the final turn south at Forrester Point, the bridge at Palatka comes into sight.  We are racing the setting sun.  Slip under the bridge as the sun drops below the horizon. 

 6:35 anchor down just off the docks in Palatka.  The trip is done.

39.75 NM for the day

334.65 nautical miles / 385 miles for the cruise


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Tom said...

Home, home, the Wandering Mariner! Great trip, and thank you as always for sharing with us thru word and wondrous photos.