Thursday, March 23, 2023

day eight - against the wind and tides again...

Carrying two bags I take the elevator instead of the stairs down from Webb's condo before dawn.  I take off and stow SPARTINA's boom tents and sail covers.  Just after sunrise Webb comes down to the dock to say goodbye.  The outboard is a little balky this morning but runs after a few minutes. 

Cast off 7:15, I motor out on to Skull Creek, raise sail and slip past the docks to thank Webb for his hospitality.  He takes a few photographs and waves.

Full sail making 3.5 close-hauled.  A light overcast and sailing against the ebb tide.  7:40 I slip on foul weather pants and boots against the cold, tacking into the wind and making 3.8 on a starboard tack.

Green marker "27" shows the ebb tide.  It is a stiff current under the bridge that connects the mainland to Hilton Head, we sail through at 8:45.

Some gusty winds, round up to tuck in a reef at 9:05, making 3.9.  Cross the head of the tide on to Calibogue Sound and now the ebb tide is, at least for the moment, a helping tide.  9:40 the gusts have left us, shake out the reef, full sail.  The sun is trying to break through the clouds.  10:15 tack off a white sandy beach surrounded by marsh.  10:40 very choppy water approaching the Cooper River as the tides of the river and the sound collide.

Still on Calibogue Sound the strong ebb carries us south, making 5.6 in the chop.  Soon on the Cooper River, water is calmer but making just 2.0 against the now opposing ebb tide.  Begin a steady series of tacks on the Cooper, making some headway but fighting the tide and gusts winds.  Slow going.

Make a little more headway as the river curves slightly to port.  12:40 less gusty but still plenty of tide running.  2:40 smoky and hazy, there must be a controlled burn going on somewhere in the marsh.

3:00 approaching green marker "37" the channel curves and shoals are exposed at low tide.  Markers for the channel rest on the sand.  

3:30 slack tide and making good speed to the New River just ahead.  The centerboard touches the shallow bottom a couple of times, I raise it a few inches.  Anchor down New River at 3:40.  Three other sailboats anchored on the river.

Evening, skies begin to clear.  I lower the mizzen so that SPARTINA will swing with the tides that will both flood and ebb overnight.

27.49 NM

Leonardo Fettuccine for dinner


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