Thursday, November 15, 2018

day nine - a scone for breakfast, lamb risotto for dinner

Anchor up at 7:15.  The two cruising sailboats are gone.  Sun breaking through the light overcast.  I motor over to the park wharf and tie up, walking about three blocks of the brick-covered sidewalks to the Ever Grain Bread Company, an apricot ginger scone and glass of unsweetened iced tea for a pleasant breakfast.  I read the newspaper and check in with the family.

Cast off at 8:15, under power, four small skiffs setting out lines of crab pots on the river.  Windless and working against an incoming tide.

Sails up 9:30 with a light breeze, cool and grey and birds making a racket in the marsh.  Just over a knot off the mouth of Broad Creek, Northwest Point at 10:00 and making a little better speed.  But on a beautiful morning what is the rush?  I hear the high-pitched whistle of an osprey long before I see it, finally tracking it down to a nest hidden deep in the branches of a tree on the point.  Jibe at the point, still under  2 kts. 

Under power at 11:00, Comegy's Bight at noon.  A light breeze arrives, sails up and trolling for striper.  Bring in a small one and release it.  Nichols Point at 1:30, light breeze that comes and goes.  By 3:00 rounding the point into Langford Creek, two sailboats anchored in the lee of narrow, wooded Cacaway Island.

As I look about for an anchorage the breeze fills in.  Why anchor when we can have a nice afternoon sail?  I tack back and forth on the calm water, listening to sports radio and just enjoying the afternoon.  I troll a bit but not too seriously, bringing in the line and sailing some more.

Anchor down 4:55.  Wild mushrooms and lamb risotto for dinner.  A calm evening as the shade creeps out from the trees on shore.  Life is good.

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