Tuesday, March 26, 2024

day thirteen - sunshine and a fresh breeze

Calm night.  Wind slacked at sunset.  Wake to the sound of the rushing ebb tide.

7:10 raise anchor and set sails as the current carries us down Jove Creek.  7:20 on the Mackay River, 6.2 and most of that coming from the tide.

7:40 wind drops off, making 2.6, then 3.3 as the breeze fills back in.

Southwest skies clear, northwest skies have a few high clouds as the end of the front slides through.  The tide is pulling crab pot floats completely underwater.  8:10 under the bridge.

8:15 the sun feels warm and oh-so-good.  Slip out onto St. Simon Sound.

Round the red marker for the shoals and turn towards Jekyll Creek.  9:00 sail across a tide line.  9:15 making a steady 2.9 approaching the creek entrance, blue skies all around.  

Choppy confused water at the mouth of Jekyll Creek.  Mudbank to port and jetty to starboard, I'm not quite sure of what the tide is doing. I start the outboard and motorsail for more control into the creek 9:40.

Just around the corner calm water, feels like slack low tide.  Full sail with wind on the stern, 3.6.

10:05 making 4.3, still water around the piling at red marker 19 confirms slack tide.  I call ahead to the marina to ask about a slip for the night.

Me:     Good morning.  I’m on the creek about a mile north of you.  I would like a slip for the night.  Maybe two. I’m on a 19’ yawl.  I’ve stayed there before, I should be in your system.  

Lady at the dock house:   Very good.  Could I have your email so I can look you up in the system?

I give her my email.

Dock house:   Is this Steve Earley?   I don’t see a 19’ boat in our system.  All I see is your 30’ boat SPARTINA.  

Me:   I’m on SPARTINA.  It is a 19’ boat.

Dock house:  It says here that it is a 30’ boat.  

Me:  That’s because you are going to charge me for a 30’ boat.  That’s your minimum size so I pay for 30’ for a 19’ boat.  

Dock house:   ….(long pause)….oh.... I see.  Yes we have a slip for you.  

Me:   Very good, thank you.

10:30 pass under the bridge, round up and bring down the main and the jib.  Motor to the dock where two dockhands help with the lines.  Tied up at 10:40.

A quick lunch then laundry, battery charging, getting rid trash.  I use a golf cart to run to the convenience store for a few gallons of water.  

Sit by the pool with an iced tea and catch up on the logbook.  Two appetizers - seared tuna and crab cakes - for a light dinner.  A beautiful sunset on the creek.

10.55 NM

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