Thursday, December 13, 2018


Just had a couple of great days of sailing with Tom Head on his Pathfinder FIRST LIGHT.  Most of the time we were accompanied by Tom's Sea Beagle "Baby."  Baby is always on the lookout for pirates (powerboaters) and mermaids.  Don't ask me to explain the toilet seats, particularly the one with a sticker from the oldest daughter's college.  Wonderful sailing on the bay side of the keys and the ocean side too, running with the current through Tavernier Creek.  A great trip, Tom, thanks very, very much.  steve


Kevin Brennan said...

Looks great. I'll be paying a visit in a couple of months.

Enrico said...

Wonderful boat and building!
I do not see the motor in First Light. Are the long oars enough to move the big Pathfinder? Would you recommend that solution to other builders? Thanks guys!

Steve said...


Tom built FIRST LIGHT without the motor well. He rows it well with the oars. As for me, I am very happy to have an outboard with me. Either way it works just fine, a matter of personal preference. My email can be found under my blog profile. If you want to contact me I can put you in touch with Tom to get his thoughts.