Tuesday, August 13, 2019

bridges, open and closed

Breezy enough last evening to tuck in a reef for a pleasant sail from about 4:00 until sunset.  I think I'm finally getting the right set on the mainsail.  Moving the block for the throat halyard has certainly improved the set - and the power - of the full main.

Monday evenings are busy evenings on the Elizabeth.  The SailNauticus crowd was out for a series of races.  SPARTINA played her usual role as the spectator fleet.  The photo above is from after the races as they were coming in at sunset.

And the American Rover was out for a sunset sail too, enjoying the strong southwest breeze.


I had planned to sail this morning before work, a perfect morning with a steady breeze and a light overcast.  Unfortunately the pedestrian bridge that connects the cruise center to the park was closed.  It is typically only closed (closed to boats, open to pedestrians) when cruise ships are in port.  The cruise season is approaching, they must have been doing some maintenance.

So I hopped in my car to head home and take care of some chores.  And the Berkley Bridge, which I need to cross on the way home, was open (open to boats, in this case an ocean going tug, closed to traffic).  It's been that kind of morning.

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