Saturday, August 13, 2016

I've paid for....

That's Serengeti, a very solid looking Peterson 46 out of Marathon bound for somewhere on Chesapeake Bay.  Where exactly they couple on board did not know.  Just somewhere.  Sounds like a great plan to me.  Warm (hot, really) and breezy yesterday, about as perfect a wind as we'll get mid-summer.  

I've paid for....
  • my annual SPOT plan (which includes both tracking and linking to Boat US if needed) 
  • my fee to the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival
  • a new gas cap for the Honda outboard (The gas caps for a wide range of serial numbers have been recalled and Honda is replacing those for free.   My outboard is not in the serial numbers recalled but shows the exact same problem in the recall:  The vent on the gas cap is misaligned and leaks fuel when tilted forward.  I talked to Honda and they would not replace it under recall, but a local dealer can replace it under warranty.  I called the local dealer, they said drop the outboard off and they would look at it in four or five weeks.  I bought a new one for about $50, and will take the old defective one in for warranty service this winter.  (Never hurts to have a spare gas cap on board.)
  • several four packs of cups of fruit
  • a couple of packs of dried strawberries, a snack I did not take along on the spring sail and very much missed.
  • a hardback copy of The Mathews Men:  Seven Brothers and the War Against Hitler's U-boats, which will be a great read on the fall sail, along with the last few chapters of Wind, How the Flow of Air has shaped Life, Myth and the Land.

I've got plenty of freeze dried meals, need to get some AA lithium batteries, lunches and other food items, but I think I'm in pretty good shape with about six weeks to go.


Rich D. said...

Steve, I think you will really enjoy "The Matthews Men". It opened up a lot of local, important, and overlooked history to me. Enjoy the sail. I am sailing vicariously through you these days.
Best Wishes,

Steve said...


I read the first few pages on the kindle sample sight, it was too good. Had to quit reading to save it for later. Can't wait to read it this fall.