Sunday, August 21, 2016

almost in, no sailing, no pitching, worth watching

Webb Chiles is almost in, or possibly he is already arrived in South Africa, his Yellowbrick track won't post his current position for a few  more hours.  I have to wonder if that little jog to the south in the track above was his waiting for daylight to make his approach to the coast.

No sailing this weekend, which is a shame because the weather would have made for some great sailing, particularly on Saturday.  But Brook from the American Rover did send me the photo above from a week earlier when we passed each other on the Elizabeth River.  A nice photo to add to the scrapbook.  It's good to have friends that I see out on the water.

No sailing as I was up in Charm City with my daughter to watch an O's game.  No pitching at all from the O's in the 12-2 loss to the Astros.  O's went through so many pitchers they finally had a utility infielder pitching in the 9th inning.  But a fun time none-the-less, always enjoy visiting Baltimore and always enjoy spending time with the daughter.

On the storm front 99L and 90L are worth watching, each having a chance of turning into tropical depressions.....and more.  Hurricane season, that time of year.

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