Saturday, March 2, 2019


I received the photograph of Tom, above at right, late this afternoon, but it was most certainly shot at the starting line this morning.  He is making good progress as this map below, labeled "bread crumbs," shows.


Far to the south Webb has reached the end of his portage, trucking GANNET from the Caribbean side of Panama to the edge of the Pacific, leaving just one leg - Panama to San Diego - to go in his sixth circumnavigation.


And on a day too cold and grey for sailing I rec'd the parts to repair my Honda outboard.  I'll drive the outboard and parts about four blocks to my neighborhood mechanic tomorrow.  I also got a late evening delivery of 20 AA lithium batteries and a copy of Nathanial Philbrick's "In the Hurricane's Eye," both for the spring sailing trip.

We are all making a little progress.

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