Monday, March 25, 2019

the last mango sail

I was surprised to see the lot nearly empty at the ramp in Betsy town yesterday morning.  Cool in the early morning hours with a forecast of clear skies and temperatures warming to the low 60s.  I was also pleased to see that there were no "ramp rangers" (I'll credit Clark with that perfectly descriptive term) on site to give me grief.  I usually take my time rigging SPARTINA but I rushed because I wanted to get out on the water as quick as I could.  

Steady, stiff breeze out of the Southeast, coming right up the river.  I slipped on my mango drysuit for what I imagine will be the last time this spring.  The drysuit and thermals were perfect for the cool morning.  I made long tacks back and forth down the river, going past Forbes Bay, Cobb Point and sailing into near Treasure Point.  Late morning I saw a sailboat out on the river, such a perfect day and  only two of us out there.  I don't get it.  I won't complain, the solitude was perfect.

The drysuit has proven to be a good investment.  I will take it along on the cruises with me for those rain-all-day events, which have occurred more often than I like.  As for cold weather sailing, it got me out on the water routinely in December, January, February and March.  My best winter sailing ever.

Still touching up the bright work.  I may paint the hull this week.  I want SPARTINA to look good for the summer season, which will be here before we know it.

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Tom said...

Looks like another fine sail! Yes, Sunday was a beauty, 70 degrees and a steady SE breeze throughout North Carolina (according to, 12 knots up my way in the Triangle. Work kept me off the water, so happy to vicariously enjoy your trip. Next weekend....