Monday, May 20, 2019

a classic boat for sale

When I arrived at Potters Marine for the sail a week ago I was pleased to see my good friend Curt.  That's him at right in the photograph above.  He and his nephew Noah were just coming in from a week long sail down to Oriental, Beaufort, Cape Lookout and Core Sound.  With Curt and I as fans of wooden boats, it wasn't long before Conway, above left, was showing us the classic wooden boat DOLFIN he was trying to sell for a friend.

I don't have a lot of specifics about the boat other that it is a design from Cape Cod, with lee boards and rigged for sailing, rowing and sculling.  The workmanship is excellent down to the smallest detail.  If I was looking for a wooden boat to get out on the water I would give this boat some serious consideration.  Yes, there would be some sweat equity involved in getting her out on the water - she hasn't been used for a while.  If you are interested, talk to Conway at Potters Marine.  She's too pretty of a boat to be sitting on the shore.

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