Friday, May 3, 2019

tackle box

I cleaned out/simplified my small tackle box the is stored in one of the aft compartments on SPARTINA, choosing the lures that are most suitable for the sounds of North Carolina.

While Chesapeake Bay is trolling territory, sailing open water with a large diving lure behind the boat for bluefish and striper, the marshes of North Carolina are more suited to casting small lures in search of speckled trout and puppy drum along the grass line.

In the box, from left to right, there are two versions of weighted shad, gold spoons in case I do see bluefish/striper breaking the surface, glass minnow lures (which I have never used but seemed to be worth trying) and the tried and true lead-head with grub tails.  I need to pinch down the barbs on the new lures, flattened barbs make for better catch and release plus minimizing the chances of embedding a hook into my own hand (been there, done that).

It is springtime and the fish are starting to move around.  Wouldn't it be nice to have some fresh seafood on the sail?


David Swanson said...

I have found that lead heads with white grub tails are also effective.

Steve said...

Yes, I agree, white grubs are an excellent option. I met a striper fisherman who said "If they ain't bitin' white then I don't want to catch them!"