Sunday, May 30, 2021

Graham and CARLITA in Great Bridge

Graham Byrnes and his Core Sound 17 Mk 3 CARLITA arrived in Great Bridge today.  He is on his way Chesapeake Bay and a Delmarva circumnavigation.

I had been watching CARLITA'S track for the past few days.  Watched Graham navigate two bridges this morning and then went down to meet him at the third and last bridge of the day.

Also down there was Amos and his son.  Amos sails a Graham Byrnes designed Core Sound 20.  Amos sails a lot of the same water I do, I'm surprised we have not crossed paths on the water.

I watched both Graham's track and weather radar yesterday as we had thunderstorms rolling through in the afternoon.   CARLITA would have been located just below and to the left of the "H" in Hill Landing.

Graham and CARLITA looked in great shape.  I wish Graham well and will be following his track as he makes the circumnavigation.


Friday, May 28, 2021

a Delmarva circumnavigation

I hear from Alan that Graham Byrnes is sailing his CARLITA up from North Carolina to do a Delmarva circumnavigation (circumnavigating the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay which includes parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia).  You can read about his planned trip here.

He has been on the water for two days and as of last night he was anchored in the Frying Pan (where I anchored a couple of weeks ago).

This morning I'm putting SPARTINA on the Elizabeth River and will have her docked in downtown Norfolk for the next few weeks.  With any luck I will be able to sail out and catch Graham as he passes through Norfolk in the next few days.

Good luck, Graham.  I hope to see you soon.


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

the now and then 425

White preparing for the winter trip down in South Carolina and Georgia I was concerned about wind, rain and cold temperatures.  I somehow pictured myself anchored in a marsh, heavy rain, cold and winds too strong to sail.  I was pleasantly surprised that it never happened then.  About two weeks ago, sitting in SPARTINA on a little creek in North Carolina is was very cold, raining, and a north wind blowing too hard to sail.  I had the boom tent up, wearing my drysuit with a base layer and a merino wool shirt, heating up some freeze dried scrambled eggs just to have something to help keep me warm.  And it occurred to me what I had expected back then on the winter sail was happing to me now on the spring sail.  Hence the name, the now and then 425.

It was, like all my sails, a wonderful experience.  Lots and lots of wind.  Good sailing and some very hard sailing.  Some cold days, some blue-sky perfect days.  A little more motoring in canals than I would have liked.  

I visited some favorite places:  Oriental, New Bern and Beaufort.  Cape Lookout.  The Neuse River.

Anchored in the Frying Pan I was hit by two lines of thunderstorms, the second strong enough to heel SPARTINA on her side far enough that water poured over the coaming.

Nothing better than sails up before the sun.

A saving grace was my drysuit, which I threw in with the rest of the gear as an after thought.  I mean who would need a drysuit and thermals in North Carolina in May?  I did.

SPARTINA served me well.  With all that wind, sailing with full sail was the exception.  I sailed with single and double reefs in the main, and spent entire days under just mizzen and jib.

A highlight was visiting Cape Lookout Bight, a beautiful body of water surrounded by sand dunes.  

And with all the different weather we had, there was no better way to wrap up the trip than in a thick fog.

Still cleaning and tucking gear away.  I hope to start the daily log next week.


Wednesday, May 19, 2021


I did not intend to return to Oriental but coming out of Adams Creek it was a straight shot close hauled across the Neuse River. What are you gonna do?

when a boat like this slows down to take photographs...