Monday, May 27, 2024

day one - storms all around

Cast off from the dock at Potter's Marine on North Creek 10:05.  Overcast with west wind, chance of thunderstorms after 1:30 I read on my weather apps.  Round up raise sail, 2.5 down the creek with wind on the starboard beach.  Surprisingly few crab pots on the creek.  I'm not happy with the set of the sails, will need to adjust at some point.  

10:30 realize I've left the channel just at the centerboard touches bottom.  Raise the board and slip back into the channel.  Making 4.5 away from the wooded tree line, pass out through the creek's entrance markers at 10:35.  Turn downwind on the Pamlico River.  11:30 doing 3.1 with wind over the starboard quarter.  Blue skies to the east, cloudy to the south and west.  Indian Island due south, Goose Creek not too far east of that.

Making good time to turn towards Pamlico Point, should be able to make Mouse Harbor later afternoon.  Sailing wing and wind, 2.4 in light winds.  I see thunderstorms erupting to the west.  Blue skies around me right now.  

12:25 light winds, motor sailing.  12:50 the wind fills in, making 3.7.  Can see the entrance to Middle Prong to the south, small white beaches along the shore east of the creek entrance.  1:45 can see Pamlico Point.  Also see another thunderstorm erupting to the north.

Wind swings to east southeast, tacking into the wind.  Making 4.3 rounding Pamlico Point at 2:45.

More storms around us, getting some wind from the outflow but the thunderheads are moving to the east.

3:00 enter Mouse Harbor.  Anchor down 3:20 just north of Hogpen Point.  Organize the boat, read and have dinner.  My app tells me to expect thunderstorms.  We get a little rain, nothing more.  Before getting into the sleeping bag I see up on the aft deck and look to the west.  Storms seem to have dissipated.  

 15.33 NM

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Shawn Stanley said...

Looking great Steve...enjoy!