Saturday, July 22, 2017

traditional sail gathering

Some very fine photographs by and of the crew of Astrid, the beautifully crafted Pathfinder built by Lorenzo on the shores of the Mediterranean.  I believe that to be Astrid above.

Every two years the Rivages De Mediterranee holds a traditional sail gathering on the Lac de Serre Ponçon.  It looks like a wonderful affair on the water and no doubt the Pathfinder Astrid fits right in.  Take a look at the photographs here.  

I am glad to see somebody doing some sailing.  Had to work today.  Might sail tomorrow but need to decide if the possible 110 to 115 degree heat index would make for enjoyable sailing.  Have to think about that.

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Rik said...

Nice setting for sailing. Traditional scenery with people enjoying their classic sailboats.
I will be trying out rowing soon...