Tuesday, July 11, 2017

last night


Geoff Adams said...

Hello Steve, if you don't mind me calling you Steve as I don't know you, I have been following or as some would say lurking and falling in love with your Spartina for about a year or so. I just want to say that reading your logs and seeing your pictures has made me want a Pathfinder of my own. I find myself listening and watching Spartina as if I were there aboard also, almost able to hear the rush of her bow wave and rustle of her sails with the breeze. So many of your accounts of sailing adventures are magical to me, the places and people, sights, sounds, food (yes even the food) and the gear, all add to the allure of the adventure.

Your tales of seafaring prowess harken me back to the first book that hooked me on sailing, L. Francis Herrshoff's, "The Complete Cruiser". Thank you for helping to keep the dream live for those of us who aren't quite there yet but hoping to be one day.

Geoff Adams
Panama City, Fl

Steve said...

Thanks, Geoff, for you very kind words. I do enjoy putting together the blog, it is really my sailing logbook. I am glad you find something interesting here. The Pathfinder is as great boat, it has done everything promised and more. I do hope you get a chance to build one.

I have not read The Complete Cruiser. I should, and I will.