Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Advantages of launching when it is 37 degrees:  There is no one else at the ramp, no waiting in line, no looking for a parking spot. 

It was a bit chilly.  The hard part was rigging SPARTINA.  With fittings and knots I could not wear gloves.   Cold fingers are clumsy fingers.  But once the boat was rigged and in the water, with my Ice Breaker thermals, jacket, Helly Hansen pants and gloves I was very comfortable.  The wind was light but steady.  Not a cloud in the sky.  A fine day on the water.

The leak at the cb pin is down to a tiny drop.  I think can eliminate that with some silicon tape wrapped around the pin.

Speaking of the cold, I've started looking at a kayak-style dry suits.  The one that has caught my eye is the Stohlquist AMP drysuit.  They retail for $600 but can easily be found on the web for $450.  Won't fit in my budget for this year, but maybe next fall.  I think a drysuit over good quality thermals would keep me comfortably warm during during winter sailing.  Should I end up in the water a drysuit could well be a life saver.  I kind of like the mango color.


Rik said...

You have guts. brrr....

Technically both colors are mango colors... ;)

Steve said...

Good point, Rik. And yes, a little colder up here than in your neighborhood. Heading to the Keys soon?? Steve

steve said...

Hi Steve.
The photo you took above - was that on your Gopro? if not, I'm intrigued. How are you getting such fabulous photos of you in Spartina?
And Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year to you as well

Steve said...

GoPro! Really like that camera, particularly when set on interval shooting at a frame every two seconds. Set it up and let it go. Hope you are enjoying the holidays. Since you are retired now are all days holidays? best wishes. steve

steve said...

I'm beginning to chill a little, I have to admit! Beginning to make travel plans; planning some longer spring voyages as well. It is nice not to have the stress - you take care now and thanks for letting me know about Gopro