Thursday, January 11, 2018

stocked up, spring sail, so far away

Because of snow the package arrived five days late, but it did arrive.  A package from REI containing Christmas gifts from the oldest daughter, four self-heating OMEALS and three freeze dried Good To-Go meals.  Added to the supplies already on hand I have about 24 dinners which should see me through my cruises this year.  Courtesy of Webb and Graeme, I still have some New Zealand Back Country Cuisine dinners, plus I've got a nice supply of Mountain House dinners.  There will be some fine dining in my future.

The fall sail, as I mentioned recently, will be north from Cambridge to the Chester River and back down to St. Michaels.  The spring sail I've decided will be Tangier Sound, from Onancock in the south to the Honga River in the north.  I'll probably put in at Crisfield, but possibly Onancock.  Plenty of time to figure that out.

Looks like I'm losing January to weather and work.  SPARTINA'S maintenance - trailer work, some epoxy and painting, and possibly sail cleaning - will have to be in February.  I would like to have the boat in shape for those first few warm days that typically arrive late February/early March.  

Snow and ice still on the ground.  Sailing seems so far away....

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