Friday, April 13, 2018

another weekend, another storm

I can predict the weather.  If I have a couple of days off, like this Sunday and Monday, there will be a storm.  That is a routine that has gotten very old this spring.

Before coming to work today I towed SPARTINA down to the river, rigged her and backed her down into the water.  I wanted to check the waterlines I had drawn on her.  From midships forward to the bow the waterline was perfect.  Midships to the transom I had drawn it a little high.  Easy enough to fix now that I have a mark (not to mention a natural waterline drawn by pollen floating on the river).  The weekend lost to weather, I'll begin prepping the hull for bottom paint.

As for our recurring weekend storms, wake me when they are over.

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Clark said...

We can predict the weather too! When we have a day scheduled to go into Pensacola for bidness, we can be sure that there will be light winds, warm temps and favorable tide off of our dock. When we are home the next day it will be blowing cold 25 knots with that short. steep chop hammering the tidal shoal.