Sunday, April 29, 2018

"Is that a Pathfinder?"

It was almost 80 degrees yesterday.  Low 50s this morning.  I liked yesterday better.

Saturday was a pleasant sail.  Winds at time were light, filling in now and then.  Almost no clouds in the sky.  A NATO parade and festival on the waterfront, I could hear the singing from the stages and marching bands coming around Waterside Drive from before 9 a.m. until a little after noon.  Children waved from the waterfront, two military officers wearing kepis applauded as SPARTINA sailed by.

A man came down to the dock as I tied up for the evening to ask if the boat was a Pathfinder.  The exact same thing happened a week ago at the same dock - "Is that a Pathfinder?"  The question surprises me.  "Is that a Drascombe?" is the more common question.

More and more snowbirds are coming through, including EMMA, from Hamburg, Germany, above, which I believe to be a SWAN 60.

It is hard to sail when it is 50 degrees and gusty, particularly after a warm and pleasant sail the day before.  I could not have sailed today anyway - a cruise ship came into the terminal and blocked access to the basin where I leave SPARTINA.  I knew this would happen and planned to leave the boat there in the water while I did some trailer maintenance at home.

SPARTINA will be on the river all week.  I hope to sneak out for an evening sail or two, or maybe three, after work.

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