Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Along with all the Christmas packages in those grey Amazon trucks zipping around the neighborhood were a couple of items for 2020 sails.

After the fall trip I found I was out of notebooks, both the Rite in the Rain journals that I use to take notes throughout the day and the larger Moleskin journal that I use for writing the day's log each evening.  I've used both types of notebooks for years and I'm very happy with them.  The Rite in the Rain journal means I don't have to worry about rain, salt spray, fog, dew - they hold up to it all.  And the larger journal, kept in a ziplock freezer bag and stowed in the light kit, is just right for two to four pages each day to put all the notes - wind, weather, speed, general observations - into context.

I typically do not buy food this far in advance, but when I see a new RxBar - and they seem to keep putting new combinations all the time - I buy it for either day sails or the spring cruise.  These two - Banana Chocolate Walnut and Peanut Butter with Berries - have use-by dates in the summer so they will be good for a May trip.

Just where that trip will be?  Haven't figured that out yet.

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